FarmVille Deco Studio: Everything you need to know

If you're a fan of item customization in your Facebook games, prepared to be delighted as a new "Deco Studio" has launched in FarmVille. For those keeping score, the new Deco Studio is almost identical to the expensive Dream Horse Studio, except here you're designing your perfect decoration, rather than a perfect horse.

Technically, you can now build a new Workshop on your farm in order to access this feature, but you don't have to place it. You can instead simply access the building ability within the store by clicking on the "Create" button underneath an item template. After you've entered the Deco Studio, you'll be able to build one of five templates, starting with a basic Shack (and eventually leading up to a Grand Mansion).

Like in the Horse Studio, you can customize this item with different roofs, colors, accessories and more. However, instead of each piece adding to a Farm Cash price, each customization raises the amount of building materials you'll need to ask your friends to send you before the building is complete. To be fair, you can also purchase these building materials with Farm Cash if you'd rather not bother your friends, but if you have some helpful neighbors, you can now earn your dream building(s) for free! Additionally, you'll eventually need to ask your friends to be a crew of builders to put the item together into a final product.

While this could be the beginning and end of this Deco Studio feature, the entirety of this event becomes a bit more complex with the introduction of item recycling. If you have spare buildings or decorations taking up space in your storage sheds or on your farms, you can now trade them in for spare building parts. You'll be told exactly how many building materials, and of what varieties, you'll receive for each item you "recycle," and of course this is an entirely voluntary process. If you'd rather not recycle items, simply as your friends for building materials instead to reach the same end.

It's possible that this item recycling feature will come to other events in FarmVille in the future, so you might want to save some excess items just in case that prediction comes true. Stay tuned for more!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Deco Studio in FarmVille? Will you recycle any available items to earn building materials more quickly, or will you stick to just asking your friends for help? Sound off in the comments!