Zynga Slingo: Play the Ville for prizes galore


Not to be left out of the recent cross-promotional happenings, the Ville has come to Zynga Slingo, offering players a chance to win a whole slew of prizes in the bingo / slot machine game for both simply playing and leveling up in the Ville on Facebook to level 12.

For simply trying the Ville, you'll earn a fast 1,000 coins in your Zynga Slingo bank account. If you play until you reach level 6 (which can likely be done in less than a day), you'll receive a Shamrock, two Slingo Vision power-ups and two free balls that can be used at the end of a game. Reaching Level 9 offers you even more rewards still, as you'll unlock two Shamrocks, three Auto Match power-ups and three free balls. Finally, if you make it to level 12 in the Ville (the stopping point for all such promotions), you'll receive "1 Day of Energy" back in Zynga Slingo, which should keep you playing and matching numbers for quite some time, all for free!

If additional cross-promotions come to Zynga Slingo (perhaps something to do with ChefVille when it launches, for instance), we'll make sure to let you know. Stay tuned!

What do you think of this Ville cross-promotion in Zynga Slingo? Have you already reached Level 12 in the Ville, or will you be forced to start the game from scratch to finish this promotion? Sound off in the comments!

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