The Ville: Prepare for Halloween with new avatar costumes


While Halloween may be the next major holiday, it's still a few months away, with makes us wonder why Zynga has jumped the gun, releasing a new series of avatar costumes in the Ville far before Halloween is even on most players' radar. Whatever the reason, just a few costumes are now available for both male and female avatars, but you'll need to pay Ville Cash for the ability to show off your avatar's multiple personalities.

For instance, female avatars can dress as either a Pirate or a pink Bunny for 33 and 44 Ville Cash each, respectively. Meanwhile, male avatars can also dress as pirates, with a Gorilla costume (at a price tag of 44 Ville Cash) being the other option available there.

Since there are only a couple of costumes for each gender as of this writing, it does make us suspect that a full slew of costumes will be released once Halloween actually does roll around, but if you simply can't wait that long to dress your avatar up as a fun character, then by all means head into the store now while these costumes are fresh on your mind.

Will you purchase either of these costumes for your Ville avatar? Do you think it's smart for Zynga to release these costumes now, instead of waiting for Halloween? Sound off in the comments.