Monster Tracker is "Pokemon for the Pokemon generation," coming soon to mobile


At a recent ngmoco / Mobage media event, we were introduced to Monster Tracker, an upcoming iOS and Android game from ngmoco's Holland-based studio Rough Cookie. The game is due to release for free on both platforms sometime this month, but while monster collection games are nothing new, ngmoco's Clive Downie assures us that Monster Tracker will be the new "Pokemon for the Pokemon generation."

While full details concerning Monster Tracker's gameplay are still under wraps, we do know that the game will allow you to "travel the world, discover monsters, size up the opposition and head into battle." Each monster has an environmental affiliation that will dominate or suffer when paired up against other elements (think rock, paper, scissors), and we'll be able to trade creatures with friends to fill out our own personal "monster scrapbooks."


Collecting new monsters will allow you to unlock new environments and powers, and the game itself will utilize both touch and gesture based gameplay, allow for pinch-and-zoom and accelerometer based exploration of environments. We'll make sure to bring you additional news about Monster Tracker as we learn more, so stay tuned!

Are you excited to try Monster Tracker on either iOS or Android? Do you think there's room for another major "monster collection" game on mobile? Sound off in the comments!

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