Game of the Day: Mad World


Look carefully to find the differences between the two images in today's Game of the Day, Mad World. Click on a certain number of inconsistencies in each round to advance to the next level. Maybe you will find an octopus with one tentacle longer than the other, or a glowing jellyfish where it shouldn't be. Or the difference could be as simple as a sparkle of light in one image and no sparkle in the other. Examine everything from tiny fish to gargantuan statues for the smallest differences. But be careful! Click in the wrong place, and you will lose points.

As the levels get more difficult, your mind may begin to play tricks on you. That tiny fish you think you see in the right corner of the picture but not in the left corner? Nope, it doesn't actually exist. That grin on the statue's face? Doesn't exist either. The differences get smaller and the levels get harder as you progress. Try out Mad World today!

Play Mad World.

How many differences can you find?