CastleVille Sharp-Dressed Man Quests: Everything you need to know


CastleVille is certainly full of interesting characters, one of which is Izadora, a woman who is more concerned about fashion than the evil that lurks in the Gloom just outside of your kingdom. In keeping with this focus on looking fine, Izadora has come up with a new quest series that you can complete to help break her out of her creative funk. This series is called "Sharp-Dressed Man," and it contains 10 quests that will only unlock once you've helped Izadora with the Gloom to Glam quests and have reached at least Level 26 in the game. Here's a guide to finishing off these quests when you receive them!

Under Pressure

  • Craft 2 Vegetable Cocktails

  • Collect 10 Down Feathers

  • Have 5 Pails of Water

Rewards: 5,250 coins, 105 XP

Supplies and Demands

  • Have 6 Golden Fleece

  • Craft 2 Looms

  • Harvest 15 Cotton

The Golden Fleece is earned by posting a general request for the items to your wall. Once that's done, you'll receive 3,250 coins and 65 XP for finishing this quest.

By the Seat of His Pants

  • Craft 1 Leather

  • Craft 2 Glue

  • Have 10 Blue Feathers

Rewards: Small Energy Potion, 5,250 coins, 105 XP

Skirting the Issue

  • Craft 2 Fasteners

  • Collect 3 Gloom Wolf Hair

  • Craft 1 Workbench

Rewards: 5,250 coins, 105 XP

Dirty Work

  • Have 7 Bars of Soap

  • Craft 3 Cotton Cloth

  • Water 8 Saplings

The Bars of Soap are earned via a general news item posted on your wall.

Stuffed Shirt

  • Craft 3 Dye

  • Craft 1 Knife

  • Craft 2 Wool Tunics

Rewards: 5,250 coins, 105 XP

Ruffled Feathers

  • Have 15 Pink Lace

  • Tend 12 Flowers

  • Craft 1 Leather Pants

Pink Lace is earned by sending out individual requests to your friends, asking them for help. You'll earn a Hyper Craft boost, 5,250 coins and 105 XP for completing this particular quest.

Stomping Grounds

  • Craft 3 Buttons

  • Clear 10 Grass

  • Have 8 Aquamarine

Rewards: 4,250 coins, 85 XP

A Weighty Problem

  • Have 7 Clothespins

  • Consume 1 Carrot Cake

  • Craft 1 Cotton Leggings

The Clothespins are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends. You'll receive 5,250 coins and 105 XP when you finish this quest.

Going Global

  • Craft 5 Parchment

  • Craft 3 Exploration Crystals

  • Earn 20 Reputation

Rewards: 1 Sword, 3,250 coins, 65 XP

Since these are more general quests associated with the basic advancement of the storyline, there doesn't appear to be a time limit associated with completing them. That being the case, I would suggest not worrying if you've yet to unlock them in your game, as you can always work on them at your own pace when you do fulfill the requirements to receive them.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of these fashion-themed quests in CastleVille? Have you completed the requirements to unlock them? Sound off in the comments!