Bubble Safari, Zynga Slingo, Ruby Blast players go for gold worldwide

Bubble Safari, Ruby Blast, Zynga Slingo Zynga International Games
Bubble Safari, Ruby Blast, Zynga Slingo Zynga International Games

Can you hear that? It's the din of millions of computer mice clicking furiously across the globe. Today is the start of the first-ever Zynga International Games, Zynga's way of capturing the spirit that the Summer Olympic Games in London has evoked in spectators and athletes alike all over the planet. And it's all been made possible through global leaderboards.

Starting today, Bubble Safari, Ruby Blast and Zynga Slingo players can join the event and choose a country from over 80 options to represent in the event by signing up right through the Zynga Message Center for each game. Then, all players need to do is earn Stars in Bubble Safari, Super Rubies in Ruby Blast and Medals in Zynga Slingo to contribute to their country of choice winning the worldwide event when it's all over in 10 short days.

At the moment, China is winning the whole dang thing by a long shot with over 19.6 million points. The good old U.S. of A. stands tall in ... 57th place, with just 2.6 million points. (We imagine "points" are measured by the collective amount of Stars, Super Rubies and Medals that players collect.) Zynga claims that it will be tracking the results in real time, and that players in the winning countries will be rewarded handsomely. So get to playing, and represent your nation well!

Are you psyched to compete in the Zynga International Games? What is your game of choice to compete in? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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