Top 10 Free iOS and Android Games - July 2012


Remember when we said to "get outside already?" Yeah ... sorry about that--get the heck back indoors. It's insanely, disgustingly hot out there, but the beauty of mobile games is that you can play them wherever. You already knew that, right? So, let's just get to the top free games on iOS and Android for this month (as of this writing).

Top Free iOS Games

1. Where's My Perry?
Disney's attempt at having lightning strike twice seems to be working with this Phineas and Ferb-ified rendition of Where's My Water. It's essentially the same game as its predecessor save for some artwork changes, but the masses don't seem to think that's a bad thing.

2. Catapult King
This could be seen as a 3D take on Angry Birds--just swap out the slingshot and birds for a catapult and giant boulders. Of course, we're sure there's more to Chillingo's physics puzzler (pictured below), but we're just telling it how we see it. And boy, does it look awesome.

3. Zombie Run HD
A blatant rip on Imangi Studios' Temple Run, this gem by RetroStyle Games is quite shameless in its craft. Players run away from angry poachers as a zombie, replete with the same controls and graphic style. But hey, "remember: zombies! They are cool." RetroStyle's words, not ours.

Offroad Legends Warmup
Offroad Legends Warmup

4. SongPop
The music trivia game that has taken Facebook by storm is killing it on iOS and Android. FreshPlanet is onto something here without a doubt. It melds the now-staple "With Friends" features with one of the most uniting and divisive (and charged) topics ever: music. Instant mobile game gold.

5. Offroad Legends Warmup
Think of the most explosive biking simulation game you've ever played, and you're close to grasping what Dogbyte Games has created (pictured above). With incredible graphics and what the developer claims are realistic physics, it looks like you'll be in for a destructively good time.

Catapult King
Catapult King

6. Stickman Games: Summer Edition
With the 2012 Olympic Games in full swing in London this month, we'd expect a game like this to be higher on the charts. At any rate, Robert Szeleney's take on the sports event of the year is only free for a limited time, so get on it and challenge your friends to a gamut of finger-focused sports.

7. Jurassic Park Builder
Admit it: You build your own versions of Jurassic Park with LEGO blocks or whatever you could scrounge together since the flick invaded your vision way back in 1993. Ludia's city builder, in that case, should be right up your alley. Oh, and the dinosaurs can escape--so cool.

8. 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013
Looking for a way to actually make it so the Phillies actually come out on top this season? (Sorry ... still a bit miffed.) Com2uS has you covered with its brand new baseball simulator that allows players to play out their dream games while trading virtual cards.

9. Finger Olympic
Another game based on the Olympics spectacular, Fingerway's take is plenty more humorous than most. As the name implies, the goal of Finger Olympic is to use your digits to compete in various feats of athleticism. Can you tap your way to greatness?

10. Flow
Oh, so you want a puzzle game? Already beat Angry Birds Space to a pulp? Then Big Duck Games' rendition of the classic pipe puzzler might do the trick. This one goes with a visual design that's much more friendly on the eyes and a dash of social with Game Center support.

Top Free Android Games

1. Angry Birds Space
Again ... really? Fine: Did you know that Angry Birds can now be played via gesture on Samsung Smart TVs? Pretty neat-o.

2. Angry Birds
(Should we even be surprised at this point?) Ooh--look! Angry Birds is headed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 3DS!

3. Logo Quiz
This trivia game from Bubble Quiz Games returns to test your knowledge of what consumers seem to be all about these days: brands. You'll point out over 700 logos and attach their images to the companies they represent. Looks like it's a blast for some people ... amazingly.

Pool Master Pro
Pool Master Pro

4. Ant Smasher
Guess what you do in this game! But watch out for those bumblebees--they're a doozy. Best, Cool & Fun Games sure knows how to rope in the players. We'd love to be sarcastic about that, but the numbers make it fact.

5. Temple Run
Look, if you haven't played this game or at least heard about it yet, then we can't explain where the hell you've been. But really, if you're going to play an endless runner, this is where it's at.

Music Hero
Music Hero

6. Fruit Ninja
Yet another one of those must-haves that the Android masses seem to still be catching up on with the rest of the mobile gaming world. Just hit that download button already.

7. Angry Birds Seasons
Dude, seriously? Ugh ... rumor has it that the next major Angry Birds game will focus in on the pigs rather than the birds. Scandalous!

8. Draw Something
We iPhone and iPad gamers have been there, done that. But this is still a brilliant mobile game no matter what you're playing it on.

9. Pool Master Pro
This is essentially the complete digital pool experience (pictured above) on your Android device, or at least that's what developer Terrandroid seems to bill it as. With 3D ball animation, 8-Ball and 9-Ball play modes and local multiplayer, it certainly sounds like it's getting there.

10. Music Hero
Have you played Rock Band? Guitar Hero? Tap Tap Revolution, perhaps? Good, then you'll know exactly how to tackle this rhythm game (pictured right) by Words Mobile. Aside from its impressive visuals, support for your very own MP3 library is what should set this music game apart.

[Source & Image Credits: Apple, Google]

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