The Ville: Have fun in the sun with limited edition summer items

While the Caribbean Cool item theme in The Ville might have provided you with plenty of items to decorate both the indoor and outdoor portions of your avatar's pad for the hot days of summer, a true Summer theme has now launched the game's store that will hopefully fill in any of the blanks therein. We're here with a quick look at these new items, which can be purchased for coins or Ville Cash, depending on the item.

Trumpet Vine Trellis - 7 Ville Cash
Coronado Patio Couch - 14 Ville Cash
Country Cow Cooker - 24 Ville Cash
Soccer Goal - 25,000 coins
Coronado Chaise Lounge - 6 Ville Cash
Coronado Patio Loveseat - 12 Ville Cash
Volleyball Net - 19 Ville Cash
Majorca End Table - 2 Ville Cash

Majorca Coffee Table - 3 Ville Cash
Whidbey Island Picnic Basket - 750 coins
Bel Air Patio Chair (Natural) - 1,200 coins
Water Wiggler Squirt Toy - 5 Ville Cash
Coronado Lounge Chair - 5 Ville Cash
Bel Air Patio Chair (Sand) - 1,780 coins
Mackinac Island Picnic Basket - 500 coins
Bel Air Patio Chair (Earth) - 1,200 coins
Majorca Dining Table - 6,000 coins

These items have a two week time limit, but I wouldn't be surprised if additional summer themed items launched in the game's store before these actually have a chance to expire. Stay tuned for more on The Ville, as we bring you all of the news you need to know about Zynga's newest Facebook game!

What do you think of these new Summer-themed items in The Ville? Which ones will you purchase or skip on entirely? Sound off in the comments!

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