Model Laura Summers Says Botched Lip Injections 'Made Me A Monster'


"I looked in the mirror and screamed," said Laura Summers the morning after a quicky lip injection. "All I could see was a monster looking back at me."

Summers, 27, was working as a model at a trade fair, when she heard a promoter from another stall say that they were offering on-the-spot lip fillers, reports the British tabloid, The Sun. Summers was no stranger to plastic surgery; four boob jobs, one breast reduction, two nose jobs, two ear pinnings, six rounds of facial filling, six botox jabs, and three injections of collagen had cost her 46,500 pounds ($72,935), landed her in serious debt, and earned her the tabloid title of Britain's vainest woman. She loved it.

"They said they were licensed and legitimate," says Summers, "so I thought, 'Why not?' "