Kixeye's recruitment video has Mini-Mark Pincus ... and a dildo [Video]

Mark Pinus
Mark Pinus

'Nuff said. But in all honesty, War Commander creator Kixeye has taken quite the hilarious (and lewd) approach to roping in more work warriors in its mission to create "games for gamers by gamers": the viral recruitment video. Kixeye takes this golden opportunity to poke fun at Zynga, EA and what looks to be Kingdoms of Camelot maker Kabam. The results are a downright hoot.

While the head of EA as an old bag is goofy, personifying Zynga CEO Mark Pincus as a bad-mouthed little boy is enough to get a chuckle out of you. One of the more amusing recruitment videos to hit YouTube, Kixeye claims to imitate no one, and seems to succeed in doing so with this gem being the first recruitment video to feature a dildo. No joke: Watch closely at 2:35. It should go without saying this is NSFW.

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