Tappy's Pirate Quest: It's sink or swim in this endless quest for food


iOS games are as varied as they are numerous, and while there are plenty of incredibly complex games for adults to play on iPhone and iPad, so too are there a slew of games tailored to the younger gamers in your life. Such is the case with Tappy's Pirate Quest, a reflex based game that asks you to collect as much food as possible by moving a cute critter named Tappy left and right across the screen.

Tappy finds himself stranded on a log in the middle of the ocean, catching food that spontaneously falls from the sky in order to survive. You'll start with a basic top hat, and must drag your finger across the screen to see Tappy follow (albeit with a slight delay), catching food along the way. You'll earn points for each piece of food successfully caught, but if you miss a piece, it will land on the log and cause it to sink a bit into the water. Catching specific numbers of items will increase your level and difficulty, and will also remove some missed pieces from the log so that it floats higher in the water, but when the log eventually overfills and sinks, it's game over.

You'll earn tokens that can be used to purchase power-ups, different catching vessels and so on, or you can purchase these items with real world money. Either way, the gameplay doesn't really change, making this an incredibly basic experience that's best for those players with lots of patience for such repetition (hence our recommendation that kids would probably love this one).

Tappy's Pirate Quest looks to be the first in a franchise of games staring "Tappy," so if you like this particular experience, make sure to keep an eye on the iTunes App Store for more adventures that will be available to download for free.


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