Pioneer Trail Burly Bulls: Everything you need to know

Your virtual brother Jasper has come for your help in Pioneer Trail, as he needs some goods hauled across the land. You'll need to lend Jasper some bulls, but why give him weak bulls when you can upgrade them to be a bit more burly? Similar to the Fluffy Sheep and Prized Pig features, this Burly Bull feature will allow you to help Bulls grow, with the stats here not revolving around how much a single Bull weighs, but more about how much gold they can haul.

This feature is available to users that have reached at least Level 20 in the game, and it comes with some goals to complete along the way. Here's a guide to finishing those goals on your Homestead.

Baby Bull Steps

  • Place the Fitness Fort

  • Buy & Place a Burly Bull

  • Feed the Burly Bull 3 Times

Rewards: 250 XP, 5 Soybean Crops, Physical Exam (building part for the Fitness Fort)

Becoming a Bull

  • Feed your Burly Bull 12 more times

  • Harvest 60 Soybeans

  • Upgrade the Fitness Fort

Rewards: Thick Burly Bull unlocked, Red Deer, Hauling Trophy

Ain't No Bull

  • Tend Red Deer 15 Times

  • Feed Thick Burly Bull 20 Times

  • Upgrade the Fitness Fort

Extra Red Deer are available on the game's free gifts page. You'll receive a Charcoal Burly Bull, five Spinach Crops and Hoof Caps (another building material).

Strong Like Bull

  • Harvest 40 Spinach Crops

  • Feed 5 Burly Bulls that have already finished the haulin' competition

  • Finish the Fitness Fort

Rewards: Blue Burly Bull unlocked, Bull Gate and 5 Muscle Mix

In addition to these goals, there's an overall goal that you'll need to complete before finally finishing with this feature.

Best Buff Burly Bull

  • Raise 3 Golden Burly Bulls

You'll receive 10,000 XP, the Golden Bull Statue and a Raging Bull Boost for finishing this final goal.

As with most features, there are some collections to finish along with this event, dealing with different Bull stats: Strength, Stamina, Endurance and Premium Strength. An additional crop is also available to send and receive via the game's free gifts page: Bull Thistle. It's likely that we'll see other "prized" animals such as these Bulls launch in the game before all is said and done, so stay tuned for more!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Burly Bull feature? Will you work on unlocking all of the Burly Bulls on your Homestead? Sound off in the comments!