The official Olympics Facebook game looks less athletic than expected

Olympic Games City
Olympic Games City

Walk, don't run--in fact, just click your lazy butt into the Olympic Games Stadium in London this week. With Korean social game publisher Neowiz and developer LIFO Interactive behind the scenes, players can now build their own version of Olympic Park in the official Facebook game for the Olympic Games, aptly titled Olympic Games City.

Structured like any good city builder on the network, Olympic Games City lets players create their very own take on the Stadium and its surroundings replete with competition areas, newsstands, apartments (or flats, as those across the pond call them) and more. But wait, wouldn't players want to, oh, I don't know, actually compete in the Olympics in any game based around the event?

At any rate, Neowiz and LIFO have clearly taken copious notes from the countless city-builders on Facebook in making Olympic Games City, which will hopefully serve the game well this week. The fact that the 2012 Olympics even has a Facebook game is a milestone in and of itself, so revel in that while you give this one a shot.

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