The Sims Social Get Smart with Samsung Quests: Everything you need to know


Following in the virtual footsteps of companies like Toyota, Samsung has launched a new cross-promotion within the Sims Social, complete with quests to finish and prizes to be won. Samsung's presence within the game is as-of-now isolated to a two-part quest series that's incredibly easy to complete, but is worthwhile due to their rewards. Here's a quick rundown of the quests.

Get Smart With Samsung

  • Watch Samsung Galaxy III Commercial

  • Research Samsung Galaxy III

Simply click on a TV and a computer, and your Sim can complete both of these tasks within seconds. You'll earn 10 Lifetime Points, 20 coins and 15 XP for finishing this first quest.

Get Smart With Samsung 2

  • Invite a friend over

  • Visit 2 Sims

When you invite the friend over, you'll need to click on them and choose the Samsung themed task. From there, just visit two Sims and do the same to finish off this second quest. You'll receive 15 Lifetime Points, some coins, XP and of course the Samsung Galaxy SIII as rewards, with the virtual Samsung phone having a value of 7 SimCash. It has a Home Value of $1,100, but unfortunately won't fulfill any of your Sim's mood stats as of this writing.

While these quests can be completed within a matter of minutes, you'll have the next 20 days to actually get around to finishing them. We'll make sure to let you know if other Samsung activities launch in the Sims Social before all is said and done, though, so keep checking back!

What do you think of this Samsung cross-promotion in the Sims Social? Do you like completing these simple branded quests in your game for free Lifetime Points and rewards, or would you rather the ads stay out of Facebook games? Sound off in the comments!