The Sims Social: Grab a free Cornetto Trampoline for your pad


A set of new cross-promotions has launched in the Sims Social, giving you a chance to complete themed quest or just claim new goodies from various Facebook fan pages. The first is with Cornetto (you might be familiar with its ice cream cones), and sees you receiving a free Cornetto Incone Trampoline for your Sim's home by simply going to the Cornetto fan page on Facebook.

If you travel there yourself, you'll need to click on the "Sims Social" tab to claim the free Trampoline, or you can just click on this link to head to the page instantly. As usual, once you claim the item, it will spawn into your storage. It has a value of $2,000 for your home, and also fulfills the social and hunger stats of your Sim when you interact with it.

This Cornetto Incone Trampoline will likely only be available for a limited time, so make sure to claim yours before it's no longer available!

Have you already claimed your free Cornetto Trampoline? Would you like to see other ice cream themed items launch in the Sims Social? Let us know in the comments!