Can't Say That: A mobile word game with a twist on iOS


Fugazo is looking to capitalize on the recent success of games like Draw Something and Song Pop with a one-on-one guessing game of its own: Can't Say That. The game is available in two versions on iOS: free and paid ($2.99), but they both contain the same gameplay. You can login via either your email or Facebook Connect, and can then start challenging friends and strangers alike to word games.

Each round sees you bring assigned a word that you'll need to get your opponent to guess, without saying any of the taboo words associated with it. For instance, if your word was "Golf," you couldn't write words like Tiger, Club, Birdie and so on. You'll only be able to type 24 characters, including spaces, in your clue, so the challenge comes down to fitting as much information in those 24 spaces as possible. You'll be able to choose from three words of varying difficulties on each attempt, and will earn coins for correct responses.

Ultimately, the limited clue space results in lots of poor spelling and "text" talk, but if you manage to guess the word, the cycle will reverse and continue on until someone gives up. You can purchase additional word packs to keep things fresh, but if you're expecting this to be as addictive an experience as something like Draw Something, you might want to think again. Whether the pool of players is small or the app's notifications are simply poor is up for debate, but we had a hard time getting more than a handful of random players to actually respond to our requests for games. Luckily, you can have multiple games active at once, so you can simply keep trying until someone responds, but this is a tedious experience to say the least.

If your own personal group of friends is into these word games, you might find plenty of entertainment value here. However, this text-based version of Draw Something is a bit too hit or miss at this early stage for those looking to play with only strangers. If you'd like to try the game out for yourself, you can now download the free (ad-supported) version of the game on iTunes.


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Have you tried Can't Say That? Do you think the game is as addictive as the multiplayer games it was clearly inspired by? Sound off in the comments!