CityVille Seascraper: Everything you need to know

You've heard of Skyscrapers, but what about a Seascraper? Apparently, it's the new construction craze in CityVille, as we're being given the opportunity to build a new Seascraper in our towns for a hefty population boost. As with traditional Skyscrapers in CityVille, you'll save space by building up, rather than out, but this one is only available to place on water (as the name might suggest). You'll need to be at least Level 35 to access this feature, and can then place the Seascraper by accessing the quest that comes with it (it's not available in the game's store).

That quest is called "See the Seascraper," and it comes with three tasks:

  • Place and Complete the Seascraper

  • Harvest 50 Rice

  • Send 5 Private Jets to Geneva

The Seascraper itself is a level-based building project, that starts at a small level, with an equally small population, but then grows larger and contains more citizens as you upgrade it. It's a similar setup to other buildings in the game, as you'll need to collect more and more building materials to upgrade the Seascraper through each of its six levels.

For instance, the base Seascraper offers just a few hundred population, but by collecting two each of Plumbing Tubes, Boxes of Bolts and Silver Paint buckets, you'll reach Level 2, with its population of 300 citizens (and 323 coins being available in rent each day). You'll be able to earn these building materials by asking your friends to send them to you, as you simply complete the cycle through each level until you've reached Level 6. When that happens, you'll have a building worth 3,500 citizens in population, which can be expanded even further to a maximum of 5,000 citizens via random population drops (that may appear when you collect rent from the building).

Additionally, once you've reached Level 6, you can activate a 3-minute payout boost, allowing you to earn 10x the profits from as many items as possible, so long as you have the energy available to collect from them within that three minutes. This is a great opportunity to pad your bank account in anticipation of future events, so make sure you take advantage of it once the Seascraper is built.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Seascaper? Do you have enough free water space in your CityVille town to hold this building, or will you need to expand your city first? Let us know in the comments!