ChefVille: Prepare for launch with a recipe contest


While Zynga's upcoming cooking game ChefVille hasn't launched on Facebook just yet, there's already a way you can interact with the game in anticipation of its release. Since ChefVille will allow players to earn real world recipes that they can cook outside of the game, Zynga wants to give you a chance to have some of your favorite recipes featured alongside the game's dishes!

If you're interested in sharing grandma's old recipe for mac and cheese or a recipe you've created for delicious zucchini bread (as examples), you can head over to the ChefVille fan page on Facebook and submit those recipes for consideration. Unfortunately, you'll need to limit your recipes to one of four options: pot roast, garlic cheese bread, mac and cheese and zucchini bread, and each of those must contain a specific series of ingredients. If you can jump through enough hoops to have a recipe that counts, you just might be the lucky winner and will see your recipe featured on the game's fan page on Facebook and in the game itself.

It doesn't appear that there are any additional prizes that go along with this contest, but the pride of simply having your content in a game that will likely be played by millions just might be prize enough, don't you think? For more information, or to enter this contest yourself, head over to the ChefVille Facebook fan page.

Will you enter ChefVille's Recipe Contest for a chance to have your recipe featured in the final game? Sound off in the comments!