The Ville: Show off your Olympic spirit with new themed clothing

As with the Caribbean Cool collection released previously, it looks like the Olympic sports theme in the Ville will be one for the ages, as we've seen a new set of items release in the game's store, this time for your avatar. As you might expect, there are separate items for both male and female avatars, but here's a look at the female specific items to give you an idea of what you can expect in this theme.

Trackstar Tank (Blue or Yellow - 1,000 coins each
Tracksuit Jacket (Red or Gold) - 1,500 coins each
Dressage Coat - 8 Ville Cash
Gymnast Leotard (Red or Green) - 11 Ville Cash each
Track Shorts (Green or Red) - 650 coins each
Tracksuit Pants (Green or White) - 900 coins each
Riding Breeches - 8 Ville Cash
Riding Boots - 8 Ville Cash

Equestrian Helmet - 14 Ville Cash
Freestyle Goggles - 2 Ville Cash
Triathlete Medals (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) - 20,000 coins

Ultimately, there's aren't that many new items in this theme, but if you combine some of these tracksuits with the sneakers and sunglasses that are already available in the game's store, then you can go for the gold in style either way. If additional clothing items launch in the Ville's Olympic celebration, you can be sure we'll let you know! Stay tuned!

What do you think of these newest sports-themed items in the Ville? Sound off in the comments!