The Ville Bird Sanctuary: Everything you need to know

In addition to your regular gameplay duties in the Ville (socializing with friends, expanding and filling your home and so on), you can now place a lush Bird Sanctuary Tree on your land, which will allow you to bring exotic birds to your yard. This feature is available to users that have reached at least Level 6, and you'll be prompted to place the tree automatically after that time.

Once you place the Bird Sanctuary Tree, you'll be able to click on it to find a menu of three options: Check for Eggs, Get Bird Seed and Feed Birds. For the first quest that goes along with this feature, you'll need to collect three Bird Seed, so you'll need to ask at least three friends to send some to you. Once you've collected the bird seed, you'll be able to "Feed the Birds" and will receive a Mystery Egg, 125 coins and 5 XP for completing that quest.

As you continue to collect bird seed and actually feed birds, your Bird Sanctuary Tree will level up. You'll be able to collect different kinds of exotic birds as your tree levels up, and each level also gives you a better chance of receiving those Mystery Eggs. Mystery Eggs themselves will always contain coins, but they might also contain actual birds, egg ingredients for cooking, ribbons and even energy boosts.

Eventually, your Bird Sanctuary Tree will hit its max level, at which point your interaction options change, and you'll be able to "Sing with Birds" by clicking on the tree. It's possible that additional birds or levels will be added to the tree in the future, and if that's the case, we'll make sure to let you know!

What do you think of this Bird Sanctuary Tree in The Ville? Sound off in the comments!

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