Pioneer Trail Wild Animal Tamin': Everything you need to know


It's official: Bess is smitten with the wild man we found in the forests of Pioneer Trail, and now, it's up to us to help Ted and Bess get to know each other a little better while also catching the wild animals that have started appearing on our Homesteads. This all comes via a new "Wild Animal Tamin'" event, which is available to users that have reached at least Level 14 in the game. You'll unlock a new crop and a new collection to complete by participating in this event, and might even win yourself some massive in-game prizes along the way. Let's get started!

Taming the Wild

  • Place an Owl Trap

  • Collect 8 Animal Decoys

  • Collect 10 Sturdy Gloves

The Sturdy Gloves drop from Adult Cows. As you catch animals like Owls, you'll be able to tame and keep them on your Homestead as "pets" of sorts. They'l also help you earn boosts and mystery crates. As for this first goal itself, finishing it gives you 200 XP, 150 Bess' Affection Points and a Mystery Reward (can be either Wither Protection Boosts, Unwither Crop Boosts or Fast Hands Boosts). As you complete these goals, you'll fill Bess' Affection Meter, giving a purpose to those points.

Catchin' Owls

  • Finish Building an Owl Trap

  • Tame 1 Horned Owl

  • Collect 30 Owl Food

The Owl Food drops when you clear grass on either your Homestead or a neighbors, so remember to visit those inactive neighbors at the end of your friends bar as they likely have plenty of grass to clear. You'll earn 400 XP, 50 Bess' Affection Poiints and a Wilderness Crate for completing this goal.

Cougars on the Prowl

  • Tame 2 Cougars

  • Collect 8 Cougar Treats

  • Craft 10 Scratching Posts

The Scratching Posts are crafted using Wooden Posts (ask friends) and Strong Ropes, which drop at random when tending Flax. You'll earn 800 XP, 50 Bess' Affection Points and three Infatuation Crates when you finish this goal.

Watchin' for Wolves

  • Tame 3 Wolves

  • Harvest 30 Chamomile Crops

  • Collect 10 Chew Toys

Chamomile is a new crop that can be found on the game's free gifts page. You'll receive 2,000 XP, 70 Bess' Affection Points and two Wilderness Juices for finishing this goal. These Juices offer two hours of "Fast Hands" boosting, along with a complete refill of your energy bar.

On your way to finishing these goals, you'll also be able to interact with Bess' diary, and complete one repeatable goal to earn any excess Affection Points that you need to receive the rewards along the way (items like a Book of XP, rideable wolf and so on).

Taming the Wild

  • Tend 30 Adult Goats on Neighbors' Homesteads

  • Collect 8 Animal Decoys

  • Collect 10 Sturdy Gloves

This goal is essentially identical to the first goal above, except you'll need to tend Adult Goats in place of interacting with Owl Traps. You'll receive just 10 Bess' Affection Points, 200 XP and a Mystery Reward (Wither Protection, Unwither Crops or Fast Hands boosts) for finishing this goal, meaning that you'll need to complete it over and over again... a lot ... in order to receive the prizes at the end.

In addition, there's one overall goal that will see you earning milestones of Affection for Horseshoes.

Love Is Wild

  • Collect 250 Bess' Affection

  • Collect 500 Bess' Affection

  • Collect 1,000 Bess' Affection

You don't have to earn 1,000 Affection Points if you'd rather not take the time, but if you do push through to the end, you'll receive 5,000 XP, 10 Horseshoes and two Doc's Growth Formulas. Either way, you'll also have access to the new Passion Flower crop, which is available to purchase and plant in the store for coins.

But wait, what about this contest we hinted at earlier? Each bundle of Bess' Affection that you collect will help you have a chance to win virtual prizes for your Homestead. You'll have a little over two weeks to collect points, and will be entered to win bundles of up to 2,000 Horseshoes and five Wilderness Crates. Good luck!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this lengthy feature concerning Bess and Ted's blossoming romance? What would you do if you won 2,000 Horseshoes in your game? Sound off in the comments!