Chipotle Is Hiring: What's It Really Like To Work There?


"Chipotle, shame on you! Farm workers deserve rights too!" shouted protesters in New York on Wednesday. It was a "national day of action," and labor advocates across the country tried to pressure Chipotle, for the sixth year, to sign onto a "fair food" agreement, which they say would ensure better conditions for the restaurant chain's tomato growers in Florida.

But at Chipotle Mexican Grill's 1,200 locations, there's little controversy about worker conditions. Chipotle isn't a normal fast-food restaurant; under its "Food With Integrity" mantra, the chain demands that a certain percentage of its ingredients are organic and local, and it serves more naturally-raised meat (not pumped with hormones or antibiotics) than any other restaurant chain in America. And Chipotle treats its employees with integrity too -- at least that's what many of them say.