Bad News for Bond Investors

LONDON -- Europe is producing some eye-catching news at the moment, but sadly, it's not positive for those holding bonds -- or anyone with even an interest in the stock market. People are lending money to certain European countries and getting a negative return on their investments, led by fears of eurozone contagion. Just look at Switzerland, for instance, and its shocking interest rate of -0.5%. In this edition, David Kuo tells Jill Ralph his reasons for thinking a far better solution for investors would be to invest in big, stable companies paying a healthy dividend, such as Unilever, Royal Dutch Shell, BT Group, SABMiller, and Whitbread.

Investing is by no means easy in today's uncertain economy. That's why we've published "Top Sectors for 2012" -- our guide to three favorable industries. This free report will be dispatched immediately to your inbox.

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