Realtor Jessica Edwards' 'Call Me Maybe' YouTube Spoof

Carly Rae Jepsen's smash hit "Call Me Maybe" could actually get house hunters to call Realtor Jessica Edwards – maybe.

Trying a new trick to appeal to potential clients, Edwards, a broker with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty in Wilmington, N.C., spoofed the monstrously popular song in a YouTube video (shown below).

She created the video with a few of her friends. In it, they mimic the dance moves in Jepsen's original video for the song and hold up signs displaying Edwards' work phone number. (So call her, maybe?)

Edwards is known locally for the real estate advice videos that she posts to YouTube. She said that someone posted a comment on her YouTube channel suggesting that she create a parody of the song, and that's where she got the idea.

"This is the first sort of fun video I've done," Edwards said. "Everyone thinks it's hysterical."

The video took about six hours to make at a friend's house, Edwards said. Since she posted it to YouTube a week ago, it's garnered nearly 10,000 hits.

"Other friends who have seen it said, 'I wish I was in it!' " Edwards said.

So far, the video hasn't spurred any client referrals, she said, but that doesn't bother her.

"I did it more as a fun video for the people who already know me and watch my videos," Edwards said. "It's been fun to watch the hits on YouTube."

Edwards isn't the only creative real estate agent around. To sell a house that had fallen flat on buyer traffic, a Realtor in Canada began posting funny signs in the yard saying "not haunted" and "fog resistant."

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Realtor Jessica Edwards' 'Call Me Maybe' YouTube Spoof

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