Pioneer Trail Carnival Games: Everything you need to know

In keeping with the recent "Country Fair" theme in Pioneer Trail, you can now complete a new set of five Carnival Games on your Homestead, earning prizes and completing collections along the way. Of course, there are new goals to complete in this "Carnival Games" feature, and we're here with a guide to let you know how to finish them off fast.

The Ringer

  • Place Any Carnival Game

  • Have 8 Carnival Game Flyers

  • Craft 4 Ring Toss Bottles

The Carnival Games are items like a Balloon Popper, Water Gun Race and Shootin' Gallery, and you can place each individual one on your Homestead wherever you'd like. Meanwhile, the Ring Toss Bottles require Pop Bottles and Thirsty Pioneers to craft, with both of these items being earned by asking your friends to send them to you. You'll receive a Prize Teddy decoration for your Homestead, along with 10 Game Tickets and 600 XP for finishing this first goal.

Ready to Burst

  • Beat a Score of 1,200 Points in the Balloon Pop Game

  • Tend 32 Festive Balloons

  • Craft 6 Shootin' Gallery Ducks

These Ducks are crafted using Wooden Ducks and Paint, with both items being earned from friends. Meanwhile, the Festive Balloons can be found on the game's free gifts page, where you can send them to neighbors (and hopefully receive some in return). You'll unlock the Shootin' Gallery game, and will receive two Willow Trees and 800 XP for completing this second goal.

Slick Shootin'

  • Beat 2,000 Points in the Shootin' Gallery Game

  • Gather 24 Hardwood Balls

  • Craft 4 Racin' Boats

The Hardwood Balls drop at random when you chop into Oak Trees, but those trees must be older than saplings. The Racin' Boats are the first complex crafting project in this series, as you'll need to first craft Wooden Boats using Miniature Sails (drop when clearing grass) and Hand Carved Boats (ask friends). From there, you combine the Wooden Boats with Water Pumps (ask friends) to actually receive a Racin' Boat. Since you need four Racin' Boats in all, I'd expect this to require quite a bit of time to complete. When you do finish this goal, you'll unlock the Roller Ball game, and will receive 1,200 XP and three Jackalopes as prizes.

Carnival Crown

  • Beat 4,000 Points in Roller Ball

  • Gather 60 Petting Zoo Passes

  • Craft 8 Roller Ball Lights

Petting Zoo Passes drop at random when tending Jackalopes. The Roller Ball Lights, meanwhile, are another complex crafting project requiring you to gather Marconi Bulbs, Glass Paint and Back Boards in order to create them. You'll receive a Diamond Ring, 2,400 XP and a Carnival Prize Crate for finishing this final game-specific goal, with the Diamond Ring being a collectible for one of this feature's four new collections.

On top of all of these goals, there are two others that you'll need to complete by repeatedly playing games, completing collections or earning Game Tickets.

Bear Necessities

  • Harvest 50 Red Clover

  • Turn in one of the four new collections (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond)

  • Start 10 Carnival Games

The Red Clover is found on the free gifts page. Meanwhile, you'll need to score over 2,500 on a single Carnival Game to be rewarded collectibles that fit into one of the four collections. You'll receive a Unicycle Bear, 500 coins and 500 XP for finishing this first goal.

Eye on the Prize

  • Craft 100 Game Tickets

  • Turn in the Silver, Gold or Diamond Collection

  • Start 20 Carnival Games

You'll earn two Carnival Prize Crates, another Diamond Ring and 1,000 XP for finishing this final goal in the entire series.

It should be noted that you can partner up your scores with those of your friends for a chance to earn better rewards. After four days of competition, your can check your scores and receive your prizes (where applicable). While you may earn collectibles, you can also win boosts, Game Tickets, debris, energy items and more, making this a worthwhile feature to participate in, even if you normally don't care about completing collections on your Homestead. Good luck earning those high scores!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Carnival Games feature? Do you think you have what it takes to earn all of the prizes in the Diamond Collection? Sound off in the comments!