Galaxy Life proves success can happen outside of Facebook [Infographic]


While there's no question that Facebook is the number one platform for social / casual free-to-play games, the April partnership between Galaxy Life creator Digital Chocolate and independent gaming platform Spil Games has already started to bear fruit. With access to Spil Games' 180 million monthly active users, Galaxy Life has seen plenty of growth, seeing an average of 185,000 daily active players logging into the game.

Thanks to Spil Games' localization support, it's not just Americans or English-speaking gamers that can enjoy Galaxy Life either, as the game has been localized into 11 different languages, with customer support being available in each language around the world (only a few Facebook games can say that). While Galaxy Life still pulls in the majority of its players from Facebook, around a third are those coming from Spil Games, which is definitely an impressive stat for developers that wish to gain success without being tied to Facebook.

"As Digital Chocolate's partner, we're committed to ensuring that our customized offering realizes a solid return on investment from their games. We think that the Galaxy Life results-even at beta-stage-speak for themselves," said Peter Driessen, Spil Games CEO, via a company release. "We look forward to continuing the success we're seeing with Galaxy Life by collaborating on more titles with Digital Chocolate."

There are more fun stats about the Digital Chocolate and Spil Games partnership in the infographic below (click on the image to make it larger). Stay tuned for more on this partnership, as we'll let you know when further Digital Chocolate titles launch for play outside of Facebook.

Are you a Galaxy Life player? Do you play the game solely on Facebook, or have you tried out the experience via Spil Games? Sound off in the comments.