CityVille Space Shuttle Missions: Everything you need to know

If you've already built your Space Shuttle in CityVille, you can now launch the shuttle into outer space, as a new series of "missions" will allow for space exploration in our games. Similar to the airplanes in our town, you can launch your Space Shuttle on one of five missions, as of this writing. Each mission travels to a different location in the universe, and each comes with its own mastery rating and stats.

I hope you've been collecting Rocket Fuel, as you'll need the fuel to travel to the far reaches of the galaxy. The five missions will see you headed to the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and even the Sun. For the Moon mission, for instance, you'll need five Rocket Fuel to start the mission, which is completed after just 10 minutes (that's one fast space shuttle). Each time your space shuttle makes the trip to the Moon and back, it will bring you coins, Goods, Rocket Fuel and Moon Dust. The first level of mastery requires 20 trips to complete, and you'll eventually unlock the Space Shuttle Simulator for your town by mastering the Moon mission through all three stars.

It should be noted that only the Moon and Mars missions are available to complete at first, with Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun unlocking after you've mastered the other two missions and completed certain goals in the game. Here's a lineup of each route, their requirements, and their rewards.

Moon Mission

  • Requires: 10 Rocket Fuel

  • Time to Completion: 10 Minutes

  • Rewards: 1,000 coins, 50 Goods, 5 Rocket Fuel, 1 Moon Dust

  • 3-Star Mastery Reward: Space Shuttle Simulator (business)

Mars Mission

  • Requires: 15 Rocket Fuel

  • Time to Completion: 31 Minutes

  • Rewards: 2,000 coins, 100 Goods, 5 Rocket Fuel, 5 Star Fuel, 1 Mars Dust

  • 3-Star Mastery Reward: Space Cantina (business)

Jupiter Mission

  • Requires: 10 Star Fuel

  • Time to Completion: 60 Minutes

  • Rewards: 4,000 coins, 200 Goods, 5 Rocket Fuel, 2 Star Fuel, 2 Sun Fuel, 1 Jupiter Dust

  • 3-Star Mastery Reward: Space Academy (home)

Saturn Mission

  • Requires: 25 Star Fuel

  • Time to Completion: 2 Hours

  • Rewards: 7,500 coins, 250 Goods, 5 Rocket Fuel, 5 Star Fuel, 5 Sun Fuel, 1 Saturn Dust

  • 3-Star Mastery Reward: World Fair Statue (community building)

Sun Mission

  • Requires: 25 Sun Fuel

  • Time to Completion: 8 Hours

  • Rewards: 15,000 coins, 300 Goods, 5 Rocket Fuel, 5 Star Fuel, 5 Sun Fuel, 1 Sun Rock

  • 3-Star Mastery Reward: Centennial Cardinal Base (community building)

While the Sun mission may take eight full hours to complete, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw additional space missions launch in this feature that take longer to complete. Or, perhaps we'll simply be able to travel to other planets in between those that are already available. Really, the options are limitless, even if Zynga has to create new planets out in the vast expanse of space for us to visit. We'll make sure to let you know as the space feature grows in CityVille, so stay tuned!

[Via: CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these five missions in the Space Exploration feature? Will you try to master them all, or are you still trying to master the airplane missions first? Let us know in the comments!