The Ville Party Actions: Everything you need to know

Since Zynga's The Ville on Facebook focuses heavily on social interactions between your avatar and those of your friends', it only makes sense that we'd see future updates focused on giving us new ways to interact. Such is the case with the new "Party Actions" feature, which allows you to interact with neighbors while also collecting rewards.

First things first, in order to access Party Actions, you must have some kind of musical instrument in your game. As of this writing, you have four options: the Stratomaster Deluxe Guitar, the Harmoniza Karaoke Machine, the Alloy Soaring V Guitar or the Drum Set. Luckily, if you complete the quests within the Ville as you receive them, you likely already have the first guitar in your game.

Once that's done, you'll now see a new Party Meter in the top right corner of the screen that will fill by hovering your mouse over the bonus items that appear when finishing actions (coins, experience points, happiness, etc.). When this bar fills up, you can click on the above instruments to see new party actions available for selection. For instance, you might see "Rock Out" as an action, when it wasn't there before. To actually complete said "Rocking Out," you'll need at least three visitors in your home to make it a party.

After you've finished all of those requirements (they are less complicated in practice than they might initially seem), you can finally complete the action. Your friends' avatars will gather around your own to watch you perform, and you'll earn plenty of Happiness points, experience points and more for completing the task. You'll earn more rewards dependent on the number of neighbors that watched you perform, so make sure to invite over as many friends as the game will allow before you complete the action.

It's likely that additional actions will be added alongside new instruments and "party-themed" items, so make sure to always investigate the items in your home a little more carefully whenever your Party Mater is full.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of these new Party Actions in The Ville? Do you have a musical instrument in your game? If not, will you purchase one specifically to access these actions? Sound off in the comments!

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