Running Fever gives Facebook gamers the chance to win big [Video]

South Korean developer 9Fruits today announced the launch of its arcade Facebook game Running Fever, which offers sports-themed gameplay just in time for the real world Olympic Games. Running Fever will see players creating an avatar, and then taking that avatar to a variety of track-and-field events where they'll use the arrow keys to navigate around the corners and down long straightaways, all the while avoiding obstacles placed in the path (more than just hurdles).

There are three basic templates for players, giving them specialities in speed (for tracks with few corners), balance (for tracks with lots of corners) and stamina (for tracks with lots of obstacles). Racetracks come in different lengths and designs, with your progress being timed across each and then compared to other players from around the world. While this gameplay sees rather basic, a skill system will see your avatar being upgraded over time with additional skills, power-ups and boosts. Of course, all of this comes into play whether racing against yourself (and the clock) or against other real-world players.

While we'll have more complete thoughts about Running Fever at a later date, there's one final element that should immediately draw attention to the game: the ability to win real world prizes for competing well or for simply playing the game. For instance, every player that tries out Running Fever between now and August 25 will be entered to win one of 100 prize packages consisting of $10 in Facebook Credits, which can be used in any game on the site. In addition, players that perform extremely well in particular events will have a chance win a Samsung Galaxy S3. Considering the game is still relatively new, you might actually have a chance to win! Good luck, and stay tuned for more on Running Fever in the coming days.

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Will you play Running Fever for the gameplay, or just for the chance to win $10 in Facebook Credits (or more)? Sound off in the comments!

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