FarmVille Roaming Dinosaurs: Everything you need to know

I hope you're a fan of Zynga's recent fascination with dinosaurs in FarmVille, as the dinosaur theme is growing this week via the launch of a "Roaming Dinosaurs" multi-stage event. This feature is slowly rolling out to users across FarmVille, but you'll know when it has hit your game when you see a massive dinosaur trap show up on the outskirts of your farm. This will serve as your hub for this event, which has six stages to complete in all and therefore six different dinosaurs to win. Here's a complete guide to this timed, complex event!

Stage 1:

  • Get 8 Fern Fronds

These are earned by simply asking our friends to send them to you. You can also find some being shared by your friends on their news feeds as they too work to complete this event. You'll have two and a half days to finish this first stage and will receive a Bambiraptor for finishing it.

Stage 2:

  • Get 10 Paper Mache

  • Get 10 Paper Mache Paste

  • Get 10 Dino Paint

These items earned through a combination of general requests on your news feed and individual requests sent directly to neighbors. You'll earn an Irritator dinosaur for completing this second stage, which you'll have up to eight days to complete.

Stage 3:

  • Ask for help from 10 Friends

Reward: Hylaeosaurus

Stage 4:

  • Get 12 Starting Blocks

  • Get 12 Track Surfaces

  • Get 12 Finishing Tapes

Reward: Pygmy Gallimimus

Stage 5:

  • Get 8 Fern Fronds

Reward: Jainosaurus

Stage 6:

  • Ask for help from 10 Friends

Reward: Microrapter

You'll have a few weeks to finish off all six of these stages, but of course can skip the work involved if you're willing to pay a slew of Farm Cash to complete each stage. Either way, this feature is entirely voluntary, so don't worry about completing it if you simply don't care for dinosaurs in FarmVille. Good luck earning all of these dinosaurs before the feature ends!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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