CityVille Science Center / Tesla Coil: Everything you need to know

If you've managed to completely upgrade most of the new Wonders in CityVille, your virtual plate of tasks might actually start looking empty. Never fear though, dear mayors, as Zynga has released a new feature to fill it right back up again: the Science Center, which is actually one part of a new Wonder construction.

Before we can get to the Wonder however, we'll need to build the Science Center in our towns. It requires building parts to complete, and is technically a community building when it's finished:

  • 5 Test Tubes

  • 5 Measuring Spoons

  • 5 Science Goggles

  • 5 Pipettes

  • 5 Measuring Cups

These items are earned through a combination of general news items posted to your wall and individual requests sent to neighbors. With the construction of the Science Center complete, you can then work on finishing the other two parts of this Wonder: the Tesla Coil.

Big Bang Theory

  • Gather Parts to finish the Science Center

  • Master a Themed Business to Level 2

  • Master a Themed Crop to Level 2

The Business options here are the Exploratorium, Silicon Central or the Car Charging Station. If you don't have any in your town, of course you'll need to first build one before you can upgrade it. Meanwhile, the crop requirement can be fulfilled by mastering either Napa Cabbage or Kale. Hopefully, you have enough farm land or Greenhouses to finish mastering one of these two crops quickly. When you finish this quest, you'll unlock the Tesla Coil Wonder for your town. As for the Science Center itself, it has a massive population allowance of 3,500 citizens, so it's worth building even if you aren't interested in the Tesla Coil, as it will allow you to keep growing your town for quite a while, especially if you only purchase coin items for your game.

Good luck unlocking the Tesla Coil Wonder, and stay tuned for more on any future Wonders that are released in the game!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Science Center and the introduction of the Tesla Coil Wonder in CityVille? Sound off in the comments!