Worker Debra Moreno Wins $193,000 in 'Bag of Bones' Ageism Lawsuit

Debra Moreno age discrimination lawsuit
Debra Moreno age discrimination lawsuit

Her manager said she was a thorough and efficient worker, but the company's owner reportedly thought that Debra Moreno, an office coordinator in Maui, sounded "old on the phone" and looked "like a bag of bones." The owner, Carolyn Frutoz-De Harne, also allegedly told one of her managers that Moreno wasn't the type of worker she wanted representing her company, Hawaii Healthcare Professionals Inc., which provides home health care for seniors.

So after Hawaii Healthcare in 2008 decided to lay off the then-54-year-old Moreno, the manager, unnamed in accounts of the case, reportedly told Moreno of the owner's views.