Fix-It Felix Jr: The 80's arcade game that never was comes to iOS

Disney's Wreck-It Ralph is due out in theaters this November, but if you can't wait to meet this colorful new character, you can now download Fix-It Felix Jr., a companion app of sorts that introduces us to Ralph and Felix, two polar opposites with one goal each: destruction and repair (respectively). Fix-It Felix Jr is presented as a classic 8-bit arcade game, and comes with the simplicity to match.

At the beginning of a game, Ralph will climb up a skyscraper, breaking windows as he goes. It's your job, as Felix, to repair each window with your magical hammer, while avoiding boxes that Ralph drops from above and Duck Hunt inspired ducks that fly horizontally across the screen at random. This is one case where playing on an iPad is actually a disadvantage, as the virtual d-pad's buttons are hard to hit when they're so far apart, and you'll need all of the speed you can get to make your way up, down and around certain blockades that stop you from reaching windows.

There are only 10 levels to complete in a single game, but actually reaching Level 10 is easier said than done. As you go along, the enemies become more numerous, and you'll simply have more windows to repair within each level's 60 second time limit. What's more, Ralph will break windows that you've already repaired, forcing you to go back and fix them. As with real classic arcade games, Fix-It Felix Jr is easy to learn but difficult to master.

All told, Fix-It Felix Jr is an interesting addition to the Disney mobile lineup, as it falls into the same "genre" as Toy Story 3's Lots-O'-Huggin Bear, in that both were created in the modern era, but have been given a backstory to make us believe that these things really existed back in the 1980's. The gameplay of Fix-It Felix Jr is simple but entertaining for fans that like classic arcade games, but it doesn't come with the same draw that a truly classic franchise would. Still, it's free to download and play on both iPhone and iPad, so it's worth giving it a shot.


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What do you think of the Wreck-It Ralph film and this new game from the movie? Do you like classic 8-bit arcade games, even if this one isn't really "classic?" Sound off in the comments!

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