Big Fish Games brings gaming to the cloud on smartphones, PCs, tablets and more

Big Fish Unlimited
Big Fish Unlimited

At this year's Casual Connect conference in Seattle, Big Fish Games debuted its cloud gaming service, which will eventually allow gamers to play up to 1,000 games from the massive Big Fish Games library within seconds, without long downloads and without your progress being held hostage on a single device.

As reported by VentureBeat, the service is called Big Fish Unlimited and it allows players to start playing games within four seconds, even if they traditionally take up more than a gigabyte of space on a PC. While the speed is obviously impressive, the service is even more user friendly still, as it will allow gamers to log into their accounts from any device, whether that be a smartphone or tablet, a traditional PC interface or otherwise. It should be noted that Mac support is not available as of this writing.

As with the Big Fish Game Club, making the most of the Big Fish Unlimited experience will require a subscription of $7.99 a month, which is apparently in addition to the Games Club membership cost. With this subscription, players will be able to access the full supported catalog of games without ads and with full screen graphics. If you'd like to try the experience for free, you can play up to 20 games with a smaller screen size and the addition of ads.

For more information on Big Fish Unlimited, you can head over to the official website.

Will you sign up for Big Fish Unlimited so that you can play your games on multiple devices without losing your save files? Sound off in the comments!