Apple Mania: What to Expect for the iPad


We're only minutes away from the highly-anticipated Apple earnings report. However, the real story today rests squarely on the company's iPad. With new tablet competition recently introduced from Google's Nexus 7, a new Kindle Fire line-up expected from, and Microsoft's first home-grown tablet coming out later this year, competition in the tablet arena is intensifying. As the real first mover in tablet computing, Apple maintains a dominant position and has plenty of runway for growth going forward. It's for this reason that the iPad should be investors' primary focus today. Follow along in the video below as analyst and editor Brenton Flynn goes through the expectations in more detail.

If you're a tech investor, the amount of Apple stock in your portfolio has been a key factor in whether you're stomping the market in recent years. However, with the company preparing its most important phone launch in history with the iPhone 5, a smaller iPad in the cards, and the potential for a game-changing television, the stakes have never been higher for Apple. If you're looking for how to play Apple in the coming months, the Motley Fool has created a brand-new report listing not only the opportunities facing Apple, but also what to look for to know when to sell. The report not only comes with a write-up from one of our top analysts, but includes continuing updates whenever news strikes the company. Click here to get started today!

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