Game of the Day: Bubble Town


Shoot and match 3 or more Borbs to free them from the board and reach victory in today's Game of the Day, Bubble Town. There's no clock to play against, so take your time. However, if you fail to clear enough Borbs from the board, it will be Game Over. Use your shots wisely to clear Borbs or to gather 5 different Power Ups that give you bonus abilities.

There will be obstacles in your path as well. Shrouds block the Borbs and keep you from matching three or more. Crates block the Borbs also, but if you hit them twice, they will unleash a Power Up! And if you hit a bomb, something explosive is sure to happen. Just be on the look out for sleepy Borbs: if the balloons are snoozing, your shot won't make an impact. And don't forget about your enemy! The three members of Team Evil may show up unexpectedly to block your every move. Try out your shooting skills in Bubble Town today!

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How many Borbs can you match?