SimCity Social SimCity Championships: Everything you need to know


I hope you've collected tons of sports tokens in SimCity Social, because the SimCity Championships (the game's lighthearted take on the Olympic Games) are now open and available to complete! For the next 20 days, players will have the chance to spend their tokens in a variety of events to win medals or points. These points will correspond to different amounts and kinds of rewards. Here's a full breakdown of what's ahead of us.

At the beginning, there are nine different events to "compete" in. Competing in an event is done by simply collecting the tokens required to participate. In the case of "Breakdancing, Heat 1" for instance, you'll need to collect one Stamina token, one Speed token and one Strength token. As a refresher, these tokens can be earned by collecting from any sports-themed buildings in your town, including the many Olympics-themed buildings that have been released alongside these championship games.

Once you've collected the required sports tokens (each one increases your chance at a gold medal), you can then click on the "Compete" button that appears. From there, it's nothing more than a short flash window to see your medal along with the amount of points you've earned for competing in the event.

These points are cumulative, and will help you earn a variety of rewards as we said before. Here's the lineup of prizes available:

  • 3 Points - 500 Simoleons

  • 13 Points - 250 Materials

  • 25 Points - 2 Diamonds

  • 40 Points - 5,000 Simoleons

  • 55 Points - Tennis Court

  • 75 Points - 5,000 Materials

  • 100 Points - Public Pool

  • 125 Points - 25,000 Simoleons

  • 150 Points - 15 Energy

  • 180 Points - 25,000 Materials

  • 220 Points - Driving Range

  • 300 Points - 12 Diamonds

  • 400 Points - 50,000 Simoleons

  • 500 Points - Archery Range

  • 600 Points - 25 Diamonds

  • 750 Points - Super High Dive

  • 1,000 Points - Stadium

  • 1,250 Points - Bird's Nest Stadium

  • 2,500 Points - 100 Diamonds

  • 5,000 Points - 500 Diamonds

As you can see, there are prizes available for even the least amount of work, but if you're really dedicated to this event over the next 20 days, you can walk away with some massive prizes, including enough Diamonds to last you quite a while. Will anyone actually be able to reach 5,000 Points? I suppose EA / Playfish wouldn't have included that prize level if it wasn't technically possible to reach, so you do have a shot at it. We wish you the best of luck in climbing this points leaderboard and earning these massive prizes on the other side!

What do you think of the SimCity Championships and the ability to possibly win Diamonds for competing? Sound off in the comments!

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