CityVille and Purina Beneful: Everything you need to know

If you're a dog lover, you're probably familiar with the brand behind CityVille's newest branded business: Purina Beneful. This new business is shaped like a tennis ball, and is available to purchase from the store for 5,000 coins.

As with other branded businesses, the "Beneful Dog Play Zone" requires just 100 Goods to operate and will reward you with 500 coins (at least) in profit each time those Goods are spent. You'll earn mastery points for each round of collection and supplying that you complete, and if you reach 50 points within the next 28 days, you'll receive a special decoration worth an 18% payout bonus boost: the Beneful Dream Dog Park.

While you might think this Beneful Dog Play Zone is cute enough on its own, remember that at the end of this 28 day period, the business will transform into a regular, non-branded business in our towns. That being the case, if you want something permanent in your town that still represents Beneful and dogs, you'll need to master this business to earn that Dog Park. Good luck!

What do you think of this newest branded business in CityVille? Which sorts of companies do you hope Zynga partners with next? Sound off in the comments!