CityVille Lost City of Atlantis: Everything you need to know

It appears that the Lost City of Atlantis is no longer lost, at least in CityVille, as this ocean-themed city / building has been found just on the outskirts of your city! To be specific, the Lost City of Atlantis item is a new community building that can be accessed by expanding your city's borders to reach it, and by completing a goal that goes along with it.

Make Some Waves
  • Expand to Atlantis
  • Collect 40 Atlantis Artifacts
  • Complete Upgrade a Wonder

The Atlantis Artifacts are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. Meanwhile, you'll need to upgrade a Wonder by collecting Blueprints in your town. You can see our complete guide to Wonder Upgrades right here. Finally, the expansion to Atlantis will be one or more squares away from your city's current limits, but of course, if you've already expanded your city to a large size, you may not need to expand at all. If you do need to expand, this is the basic process of collecting Zoning Permits and adding population to your town until you can do so.

Speaking of population, this Atlantis building offers 500 citizens to your maximum population cap. In addition, it serves as a building that will reward you with Blueprints to upgrade further Wonders in your town. To be clear, the Atlantis building isn't a Wonder itself, but it will help you upgrade other Wonders.

It's likely that this Lost City of Atlantis will only be allowed to be "found" in your game for a limited amount of time so make sure to expand your city to reach it as fast as you can if you're interested in having it in your town.

What do you think of this Lost City of Atlantis? Will you expand your town to reach it? Sound off in the comments!
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