Hidden Chronicles Fount of Pegasus: Everything you need to know


If you're like many Hidden Chronicles players, you likely have a slew of unfinished building projects on your Estate, as you must constantly ask your friends to send you parts and then wait for them to actually arrive. If that's become tiresome and you want to finish buildings more quickly, you can now purchase and build the Fount of Pegasus on your Estate.

This Fount of Pegasus will allow you to spend two energy to collect building materials from the item itself. You can collect from the Fount once every eight hours and will receive one random building ingredient that you need to finish one of the unfinished projects on your estate. If, by chance, you're done with all of the building projects on your estate at the time, you'll receive coins instead.

The Fount of Pegasus is called the "Pegasus Fountain" in the store, and it can be purchased for 100 coins. Unfortunately, you will need to collect building materials to finish it off, but hopefully, this will be the last time we'll have to rely solely on our friends to finish off a project of this size. You'll need the following to build the Pegasus Fountain:

  • 7 Goat's Dedication

  • 7 Gold Wing Feathers

  • 7 Golden Horse Shoes

  • 7 Lion's Courage

  • 7 Mt. Helicon Springwaters

  • 7 Serpent's Guile

As you might expect, you'll earn these items through a combination of individual requests sent to your in-game friends and general news posts on your wall. You can also purchase these items with Estate Cash, but that's of course an incredibly costly option. Either way, actually building one of these fountains is up to you, so feel free to skip it if you'd like. Good luck!

Will you build the Fount of Pegasus on your Estate in Hidden Chronicles? Sound off in the comments!