FarmVille Outer Space Items: Robot Tree, Asteroid and more

With the launch of the Cluck Rodgers goals in FarmVille, it only makes sense that we'd see a continuation of that space age theme throughout the game, with new Outer Space items being launched in the game's store. There's a whole host of items available to purchase, ranging from animals to decorations, trees and more, and we're here with a look at these new items for your reference. Let's get started!


Robot Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Robot Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Saturn Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Mars Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Comet Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Flying Saucer Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Galaxy Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Solar System Tree - 5 Farm Cash


Saturn Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Astronaut Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Robot Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Galactic Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Jet Pack Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
Alien Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash


Space Shuttle Silo - 15 Farm Cash


Landing Pad - 50,000 coins
Asteroid - 2 Farm Cash
Astronaut Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Mars Lake - 14 Farm Cash
Alien Flowerbed - 10,000 coins
Star Gate - 50,000 coins
Brainiac Gnome - 10 Farm Cash
Comet Fountain - 10 Farm Cash

Some of these items will be available for the next 11 days, while other will be around for a full two weeks. It's possible that additional Outer Space items will launch in the game between now and then, and if that happens, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of these Outer Space items in FarmVille? How many will you purchase for your farms? Sound off in the comments!