Bubble Safari: Wildlife Conservation Society Bundles are now available

Last week, we learned that Zynga had partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Society to release exclusive charity bundles within Bubble Safari. We didn't know what those bundle(s) would contain at the time, but now that they're available to purchase, we're here to let you know exactly what your money gets you.

First things first, the Wildlife Conservation Society bundle costs $5, which is a 75% discount over purchasing all of its contents individually. If you are willing to pay the $5, you'll receive 16 Cash, 8,000 coins, three Extended Aim power-ups and six +6 Bubbles power-ups (you know, those power-ups that give you an extra six bubbles to shoot from your cannon before you fail). If you purchased these items outside of the branded bundle, you'd end up paying $20 to get it all. Here though, you can rest easy knowing that 100% of your $5 purchase price is going straight to the animals that need it most.

What's more, if you click on the "Learn More" button within the bundle's advertisement window, you'll be taken to the WCS webpage, where you can enter to win a free iPad. You will have to sign up for the WCS email newsletter to enter, but that's a small price to pay for the chance at a free iPad, right?

It's likely that these bundles will only be available for a limited time, but if additional Wildlife Conservation Bundles launch in Bubble Safari in the future, we'll make sure to let you know.

Will you purchase the Wildlife Conservation Society bundle in Bubble Safari? Sound off in the comments!

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