Will the 'Zynga is evil' argument ever lose its luster?

zynga is evil infographic
For anyone in the trenches in the games world, there's one phrase that you're likely to hear repeated: "Zynga is evil." Whether its an argument about how the FarmVille maker creates purposely addictive games, bilks its players for money or blatantly copies other games, there's always someone ready to brand Zynga as the new 'Evil Empire." You're off the hook, Microsoft.

The latest naysayer is a site called MBA Online, which rolled out this infographic tracking Zynga's evilness. While I can't say that Zynga is one of the most benevolent companies, this doesn't make much of an impact. Instead of shelling out derivative arguments, how about contributing something new to this (seemingly) endless conversation?

In fact, I thought twice about covering this infographic, but just couldn't resist Mark Pincus rendered as a cartoon vampire. I can just see him lounging in his office with a bottle of True Blood, muttering about how he vants to suck your blooood.

zynga evil infographic


Do you think Zynga is evil? Or is the FarmVille creator demonized because it's the new top dog in the world of games? Sound off in the comments below.
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