The Sims Social 'The High-rise Life' Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social The High Rise Life Quest Guide
Have your Sims in The Sims Social beat all that New York City traffic and get around in style in your very own helicopter! This week rounds-off the last of the penthouse quests and here's some helpful tips to completing the very last one to unlock the helicopter straight from Playfish.

But remember, in addition to completing this week's quest, the previous two weeks of quests must be completed as well to get the helicopter. The quest this week has five stages:

Get To The Choppa! Stage 1
  • Finish the first task on your ZecuTime Home Office
  • Research Private Choppers
  • Confirm Booking for Tabitha

It's time to get busy. Click on your new FREE ZecuTime Home Office to finish the first task and click on a computer to 'Research Private Choppers' (you need to research private choppers three times). You can 'Confirm Booking' for Tabitha by clicking on a phone. After completing this stage you'll get an Old Photograph (collectible)!

Get To The Choppa! Stage 2
  • Collect Tabitha's Tickets
  • Complete the first stage of your ZecuTime Home Office
  • Harvest 10 strawberries

To 'Collect Tabitha's Tickets' you need to click the letter box in six hours. Complete the first stage of your ZecuTime Home Office by gathering all the required collectibles. You can get them by doing certain defined actions or simply just ask your friends! To harvest strawberries you need to click on a garden plot. You'll get a Vintage Magnifying Glass (collectible) for completing this part of the quest!
The Sims Social screens
Get To The Choppa! Stage 3
  • Write a Thank You Letter
  • Post on your wall that 'Tabitha's Leaving!'
  • Tell your Sim neighbors that 'Tabitha's Leaving!'

Be grateful! 'Write A Thank You Letter' to Tabitha by clicking on a computer or typewriter. You need to get one person to click on the 'Tabitha's Leaving!' post which is on your Facebook wall. Visit three friendly Sims and celebrate by telling them that 'Tabitha's Leaving!' You'll be rewarded with an Old Key (collectible) once you've completed this stage.

Get To The Choppa! Stage 4
  • Be Inspired!
  • Memorize Chopper Manual
  • Ask friends if they know how to fly a chopper

To get Inspired you must satisfy all your needs and click on a bookcase to 'Memorize Chopper Manual'. Post a feed on your wall asking your friends if they know how to fly a chopper and get four friends to click on this post. Once you've completed this stage, you'll get a Dusty Letter (collectible).

Get To The Choppa! Stage 5
  • Complete the third and final stage of your ZecuTime Home Office

This week's last stage is as easy as last weeks! Get all the collectibles you need to complete the ZecuTime Home Office by asking your friends or put a post on your wall. Helpful hint, if you comment on your post it gets more visibility. Once you've completed this stage, you'll get a Glass (collectible)!
The Sims Social screenshots
Collectibles you'll need this week:

For the ZecuTime Home Office:
Muse (3), Goodwill (2), Solid wood (2), Screws (16), Water (3), Goldfish (4), Fiction book (7), Fashion Magazines (5), History book (1), Magazines (4),Old photograph (6), Photograph (2), Magnifying glass (3), Orchids (3), Red flower (6), Flower petals (2), Steel (5), Glass (4), Culture (5), Old instruction (16), Old key (9), Vintage magnifying glass (4), Mice (1), Paper (6) Printing paper (8), Dusty letter (6)

For the KasKayde Executive Shower:
Goodwill (3), Love (2), Paint (14), Paintbrush (14), Steel (4), Water (4), Solid wood (4), Glass (16), Steel (9), Screws (10), Relaxation (10), Power drill (2), Nails (3), Old instruction (16), Old key (3), Hammer (6), Cloth (8), Perfume bottle (8), Orchids (6)

Have your own ways of completing this quest the fastest? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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