The Sims Social: Finish your Penthouse with 30 free collectibles

If you've yet to complete your Penthouse and receive the Helicopter in the Sims Social, your time to do so is quickly running out. Apparently, there are quite a few players in that situation, as Playfish has sent out an email to newsletter subscribers that offers 30 collectible ingredients to players that still need them.

Luckily, these links aren't specific to each player, so we can pass along the bonuses to you! Here's a lineup of the prizes you can receive, and the links you'll need to click to activate the bundles in your game.

5x Makeup - Click Here

5x Beauty - Click Here

5x Fashion Accessories - Click Here

5x Marble - Click Here

5x Golden Thimble - Click Here

5x Golden Thimble - Click Here

To be especially clear, the two Golden Thimble links are different, allowing you to claim 10 Golden Thimbles in all. Once you head back into your game, you'll be able to use these ingredients to unlock more rooms and items within your Penthouse, getting you one step closer to earning the helicopter, or even completing the "High-Rise Life" quests. Just make sure to click on these links sooner, rather than later, before they expire! Good luck!

Are there other items or collectibles you would have rather received via this promotion, or will you be able to put all 30 of these to good use in your own Sims Social game? Sound off in the comments!