Game of the Day: Finders Keepers


Catch valuable items with your trap line and pull them to the surface in today's Game of the Day, Finders Keepers! Each level has a cash goal, and you must achieve that goal before time runs out in order to beat the level. You won't have enough time to catch everything, so choose your objects carefully! All of the objects have different weights and values. Use the mouse and arrow keys to manipulate your trap line and catch the best objects before time runs out.

You can use the money you earn to buy power-ups from the store between levels, but be careful. Spend too much, and you may not have enough to pass the levels and keep winning the game. Occasionally, you may accidentally pull up enemies instead of treasure. You can blow up the enemies, or ask your friendly side-kick, Goldie the Cat, for help. This definitely isn't any boring fishing trip. Throw out your line and play Finders Keepers today!

Play Finders Keepers.

How many treasures can you find?