FarmVille: Instagram comes to FarmVille with new camera

Back in May, we learned that an "Instagram-like" photo experience would be coming to FarmVille, and we've finally be given a chance to try this camera out for ourselves on our farms. This new "FarmVille Photos" camera feature is now rolling out across all games, so if you don't have access to it just yet, it should launch in your game in a few hours / days (at most).

Unlike the original FarmVille Camera (which was taken offline months ago), this new camera will allow you to zoom in and out and drag your view around your current active farm to create a perfectly framed shot, and will even allow you to use five filters to change the way the final photo ends up looking. You can swap out these filters before you ever take a picture, allowing you to really customize what you'll end up sharing in the end.

Once you take a picture, it will be posted to a FarmVille Photos album on your Facebook profile, giving your friends (even those that don't play FarmVille) a chance to see your progress. Unfortunately, there's no real in-game incentive to using this new camera (especially when some of the filters are so, dare we say it, ugly), but it's a neat novelty if you like taking pictures of your favorite Facebook games as you play.

Have you tried out the updated Instagram-inspired FarmVille Photos camera? What do you think of it? Sound off in the comments!