CityVille: Play the Ville for free Energy, Crew and more


If you've yet to play the Ville on Facebook, but you do happen to be a fan of CityVille, Zynga is hoping that some new in-game incentive for your city will get you to try the company's new life-simulation game. To be specific, you'll receive bundles of free energy and bonus crew members within CityVille for reaching certain level milestones within the Ville. There are four packages available in all; here's a rundown of what they contain and how you'll earn them.

Play the Ville (Level 1)

  • 1 Free Energy

  • 1 Bonus Crew

Play the Ville to Level 6

  • 5 Free Energy

  • 3 Bonus Crew

Play the Ville to Level 9

  • 10 Free Energy

  • 7 Bonus Crew

Play the Ville to Level 12

  • 20 Free Energy

  • 15 Bonus Crew

  • Free Ville Residence

It seems like Level 12 is the sweet spot in these "Ville" cross-promotions, as FarmVille, CastleVille and now CityVille all require you to reach Level 12 in order to earn every single reward. It's likely that such promotions will come to other Zynga games in the future, so it seems to be worth the time investment to reach Level 12 in the Ville, since you have so many rewards waiting for you in other games. We'll make sure to let you know if additional promotions launch in the future, and if their requirements are any different than this. Stay tuned!

What do you think of the Ville on Facebook? Will you play the Ville to receive these free bonus bundles in CityVille? Sound off in the comments!