Pioneer Trail Prize Animal Storage: Everything you need to know


Proving that the Prized Pig and Fluffy Sheep features in Pioneer Trail were more than just flukes, Zynga has released a new building that will allow you to store your prized animals permanently on your Homestead. This comes in the form of the Show Pen, which is available for users that have reached at least Level 14 in the game. Of course, you won't simply be able to place a Pen and be done with it, as there are Show Pen goals to complete first.

Pristine Placement

  • Place the Show Pen

  • Harvest 25 Peach Trees

  • Harvest 60 Pumpkins

Rewards: 3 Sheep Shampoo, 400 XP, Pretty Feed Bucket

Hog Heaven

  • Tend 10 Weighed-in Prize Pigs

  • Collect 25 Celebrity Lemonade

  • Upgrade the Show Pen

The Celebrity Lemonade will drop when tending Lemon Trees on your Homestead. You'll receive a Celebrity Prize Pig, two Olive Trees, and an Acupuncture item for finishing this second goal.

Fluffy Reservation

  • Feed Celebrity Pigs 12 Times

  • Craft 8 Presidential Platters

  • Upgrade the Show Pen

The Presidential Platters are crafted using Veggie Plates and Large Platters with the Veggie Plates themselves requiring crafting. For those, you'll need Petite Tomatoes (earned when harvesting tomatoes) and Salad Dressing (earned from friends). When you complete this goal, you'll earn a Fluffy Leader Sheep, 1,200 XP and two Lemon Mint crops

Sheep Salon

  • Shampoo Leader Sheep 20 Times

  • Craft 10 Beauty Stalls

  • Upgrade Show Pen to Final Stage

The Beauty Stalls require Beautiful Mirrors and Sheep Scissors to create. As you might have guessed, this is a complex crafting project, as you'll first need to craft the Beautiful Mirrors using Small Flowers (found when clearing Wildflowers) and Large Mirrors (earned from friends).

In addition to this new building and two new animals, you can also complete two new collections dealing with those animals. Both will reward you with Lemon Mint crops and 500 XP when you complete them. Good luck doing just that!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

Are you excited about this Show Pen, or did you not complete either of the Prized Pig or Fluffy Sheep features to begin with? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!